Jana Danilovic


 and speeded up timeline

1989 > born  in Užice, Serbia.

2002>helped making of a mural in my elementary school, got hooked, apparently

2008>started studying monumental painting at Faculty of Philology and Arts

2010>started painting murals

2011>very first solo exhibition

2012>received my Bachelor degree in Applied Arts and Design at Monumental painting departement of Faculty of Philology & Arts in Kragujevac

2013> received my Masters degree in Applied Arts & Design at Monumental  painting departement of Faculty of Philology and Arts in Kraguevac

2018>received my  D.A. degree at Belgrade’s Faculty of Applied Arts, as I  defended my doctoral project „City and paintig – the role of  a painting in public space“

Focus of my interest is on various aspects of „public“, in my artistic practice as well as in my research. My artistic production is dominantly based on drawing, which I apply to pretty much everything, from paper, canvas, wood to walls. I like to explore possibilities of materials and contexts in everlasting attempts to illustrate and understand subjects that I personally feel affected by, but that are at the same time universal enough for pretty much anybody to empathyze with. I think that art should be approachable and democratic, which is why street art became my primary field of action. Proud co-founder of Rekonstrukcija Street Art Festival.  Worked at the University of Kragujevac for three full semesters, before I realised I feel way better in the studio and out on the street painting. Currently very happy. I live and work in Belgrade.